The Number One Apple Orchard in the U.S.

USA Today “10 Best” Reader’s Choice Award 2017

Best American Apple Orchard: Beak & Skiff!

This family-owned orchard has been growing apples since onion farmer George Skiff and dairy farmer Andrew Beak joined forces in 1911 to plant apples on a hillside along Rte. 20. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, Gala, McIntosh, Ginger Gold and Paula Red are just a few of the varieties offered from late August through late October. Live music events, Cider Fests, Orchard Runs and a Kids’ Magic Show add entertainment to the apple picking.

Cider, Spirits & Wine Awards & Honors

1911 Premium Vodka

1911 Gin

1911 Wine
Empire Dry Apple

  • Silver – Great Lakes Wine Competition


1911 Hard Cider

  • Bronze – Great Lakes Wine Competition

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