Keeping the spirit of 1911

1911 Distillery Turning Apples Into Premium Spirits

With an office overlooking a valley full of apple trees, our master distiller uses state-of-the-art equipment combined with old world techniques to produce our small-batch spirits. Our distillery is located 1 mile from the orchard (Directions).

Enjoy a sampling of our latest ciders, wines, and spirits at the 1911 Tasting Room & Tavern.


The process begins with fermenting our fresh-pressed cider, before triple distilling it in our copper pot stills. Our 19-plate copper column creates a clean, crisp and smooth spirit that we cut down to bottle strength using completely purified water, so unique vanilla and caramel flavors and five generations of family tradition shine through. With a fruity nose and an ultra-smooth, delicate taste, this vodka is ideal for both sipping and mixing in your favorite cocktail.


Great gin starts with great vodka. Our 1911 Gin starts with our triple distilled small batch vodka, which is sent through our copper pot still for one more round. It’s this final trip that turns our already unique vodka into amazing gin, as steam vapor infuses with a botanical blend that includes citrus, coriander, juniper and other special ingredients. The final product is a complex, dry, delicate flavor that is memorable.