Frequently Asked Questions

When does apple picking start?  When are the Honeycrisp ready?
Apple picking typically begins at the end of August or early September. The ripeness and readiness of the crop is highly dependent on the weather, and therefore, it is difficult to predict until only a few days prior. Please check out our picking schedule for an overview of when each variety is typically harvested and available for Pick-Your-Own.

Can we camp at concerts?
We love our customers, but not enough to have for sleepovers. Please leave the tent and camping supplies at home.

Can we bring in coolers for concerts?
Coolers and/or backpacks are not permitted on campus during concerts. We ask that you please limit your belongings to a small handbag.

Can we purchase concert tickets at Beak & Skiff and avoid the service fee?
Yes. Tickets are available for purchase at the door, unless otherwise indicated in the event description on our website or Eventbrite. Day-of ticket purchases are subject to a higher price point.

How many apple trees do we have planted?
As of Spring 2019, Beak & Skiff has 300,000 apple trees in the ground!

How many varieties of apple do we have planted?
We have 20 varieties of apple trees at Beak & Skiff.

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes, gift cards are available for purchase at our General Store and Tasting Room.

Can I bring my dog (pet)?
Well behaved dogs on leashes are permitted on campus. They are not allowed in the buildings or orchard. We ask that you leave all other pets/animals home.

Can I walk through the orchard?
The orchard is only open during apple picking season (late August through late October) and in order to access it, you must take one of our free wagon rides.

Do you sell apple trees?
Typically, in the early summer, we may have leftover apple tree seedlings for sale on campus. Quantity available and variety changes each year.

Is there handicapped parking available?
Yes, there are designated spots available at both entrances to campus. The back entrance is labeled as the delivery entrance off of Route 80.

Is the campus ADA accessible?
Yes, we do have paved pathways between buildings and ADA compliant restrooms.

When are you open?
Please check out our operating hours here. The hours vary throughout the year.

When are apple fritters available?
Since we only use fresh apples for our fritters, they are available for a limited time during apple picking season on the Apple Hill Campus.